Saturday, September 12, 2009

dashain festival in nepal

dashain, durga, nawadurgaDashain is the great festival of neplese people dashain is celebrated by hindusim more than in dashasin hindu peole are pray to god properly durga bhawani as well peole are cut goat,hen,duck etc. and be very happy specialy in dashain for children becouse they are very happy and wear new clothe and even eat delicias foods such as meat, chiken, milk,berger etc. generally peole are dancing,playing and they happy with them family neivour as well generally dashain lies in aswin month. in dashain peole are forget all the pain and celebrate with happily and they are all hindu peole doing dance sing eat.
In state advantage of dashain hindu peole are get more adv and be happy and do enjoy each other specially with family neviour and as well more hindu peole.
Even other festival goes lies to hindu peole in nepal but other festival are not grate than dashain festival. and generally peole are not enjoy happly becouse of them poorness they are not live happily becouse they have not capacity for earn the money they are not any skill and they have not any way for earn the money without money they cant any properly in dashain becouse be need money in dashain sush as for eat clothe etc be need and in dashin our nepali brother sister father mother have gone out of country. yes so due to this cause they have lied backside and they are all the neplese peole lies in painful.

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